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Wrong Amputation?

5 Reasons Why An Amputation Can Lead To A Medical Negligence Claim?

Wrong Amputation Claim

If you have to have a limb amputated for any reason it is a difficult, stressful, painful and emotional pain. However, if you subsequently discover that the amputation was either not necessary, or a mistake caused the amputation, it is even more difficult to deal with. When does an amputation lead to a medical negligence claim?

1. Amputation Of The Wrong Limb

Despite the many advances in medical history over the years, people still make very basic and fundamental mistakes that can have incredibly serious consequences. The most straightforward reason for a wrong amputation is when the surgeon simply marks and removes the wrong limb. A further operation is then required to amputate the limb that was meant to be removed in the first place which is disastrous for the patient.

2. Misdiagnosis Of Cancer

If cancer is diagnosed in one of your limbs and there is a fear that it will spread, one of the options is complete removal of the limb. If this takes place and then on closer inspection after amputation it is discovered that there was no cancer after all, this can lead to a successful medical negligence claim.

3. Misdiagnosis Of Risks Of Spreading

Similar to the reason above, if cancer is diagnosed and removal recommended to ensure that it does not spread, it might subsequently be discovered that there was no risk of the cancer spreading. Once again, this is another misdiagnosis leading to an amputation that can lead to a medical negligence claim.

4. Surgical Error

If you sustain an injury to one of your limbs due to a car or motorcycle accident, the surgeon might deem your injuries so severe that the limb needs to be amputated. However, if after the amputation it is discovered that a repair to the limb could have been successful, thereby avoiding the need for the amputation, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim.

5. Negligent Medical Treatment

If a surgeon is carrying out an operation on one of your limbs and causes further injury to the limb this can lead to the limb being amputated. If the surgeons treatment amounts to sub-standard care this can lead to a claim for compensation.


These are just some of the more common reasons for a medical negligence claim following an amputation but there are many more.

For more information see our Wrong Amputation section.

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