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What Happens If A Broken Bone Goes Untreated?

What Happens If A Broken Bone Goes Untreated?

In some cases a broken bone will be left untreated intentionally. In some cases, however, a broken bone will be wrongfully left untreated either because a doctor failed to make a diagnosis, or because doctors mistakenly decided treatment was unnecessary.

If you have suffered complications because of a broken bone that was left untreated, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Why would a broken bone be left untreated?

Some broken bones heal well when left alone. For example, a broken collar bone will often be left untreated, as will a broken rib. There are also times when medical professionals choose not to treat a fracture because the bone is in a perfectly good position and so will unite without trouble.

However, the majority of broken bones will require treatment. Normally, the bone will need to be realigned and immobilised with the aid of a plaster cast. If the break is severe surgery may be required to realign the bone. If a broken bone is not treated (even though treatment is clinically required), it may be that:-

1. Medical professionals failed to diagnose the broken bone;

2. Medical professionals diagnosed the broken bone but wrongly decided treatment was not necessary.

What happens if a broken bone goes untreated?

If a broken bone goes untreated, even though treatment is clinically required, a number of complications will ensue.

First and foremost, the bone will not have been put back into the correct position. Consequently the bone will knit together at an odd angle. This is called a malunion and will cause ongoing pain and discomfort. Some will even develop osteoarthritis.

The only way to correct the malunion is to re-break the bone and carry out a surgical repair. Even with surgery, there may be a residual weakness in the bone.

It is also possible that the fracture will become infected. This usually happens if the bone has broken the skin. If the infection becomes gangrenous, the surrounding tissue may die (become necrotic) and will need to be surgically removed.

Claiming compensation for a broken bone

If your broken bone was left untreated because medical professionals failed to make a diagnosis, or because medical professionals wrongly decided treatment was not needed, you could be entitled to compensation. This is because you have suffered unnecessary pain and suffering due to medical incompetence. This makes you the innocent victim of medical negligence, for which you deserve to be compensated. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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