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Medical Negligence
Delayed Treatment of an Obstructed Kidney

Delayed Treatment of an Obstructed Kidney

If your obstructed kidney was not treated in a timely fashion, there could be grounds for a medical negligence compensation claim. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.

Obstructed kidneys

The kidney can become obstructed in a number of ways, such as from a blood clot, a kidney stone or a tumour. It is also possible that the tubes attaching the bladder to the kidneys become blocked due to an infection, scar tissue or kidney stones. This is called an ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UJP).

An obstructed kidney is known medically as hydronephrosis and will lead to symptoms such as:-

  • Back pain
  • Blood in the urine
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Kidney or urinary tract infections

Diagnosing and treating an obstructed kidney

If a patient is suspected of having an obstructed kidney, he/she should undergo further diagnostic tests. Urine tests will reveal whether or not there is blood in the urine, and a CT scan should show whether or not there is an obstruction in the urinary tract.

If an obstruction is identified, a suitable course of treatment must be recommended. If there is only a partial obstruction without an infection, it may be sufficient to manage with problem with medication. Otherwise, a patient should undergo surgery to correct the blockage.

If the UJP obstruction is present, an operation called a pyeloplasty should be carried out. A stent may remain in place after surgery to drain the kidney of urine.

Failure to treat an obstructed kidney

As long as treatment is not delayed, a patient stands a good chance of making a full recovery.

However, if treatment is not provided in a timely fashion either because surgery was postponed or a diagnosis was missed there is a chance that problems will arise. This is because the kidneys will become increasingly damaged. Eventually the injury may be so great that the kidney loses function completely, meaning it cannot ultimately be saved. A patient will subsequently need to have the kidney removed.

Claiming compensation for an obstructed kidney

If medical practitioners fail to diagnose and treat an obstructed kidney in a timely fashion, causing a patient to lose a kidney, there may be grounds for a medical negligence claim. This is because medical practitioners will have breached their duty of care towards the patient, resulting in wrongful injury.

If this is something to have affected you or your loved one, get in touch with us to discuss making a compensation claim.

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