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What To Do If You Are Injured At Work

If you are injured at work there are certain steps you should take to ensure your accident does not go unnoticed. Not only will this help prevent a similar incident happening again, it will also help keep your options open, as you may decide to pursue a compensation claim later down the line.

What can I do if I'm injured at work?

If you suffer an injury in a workplace accident, you must take the following three steps:-

1. Record the accident

All companies with more than five employees must have an accident handbook, in which all workplace accidents should be recorded including minor injuries. If you are able to do so, record the accident yourself or, if your injuries prevent you from doing so, ask another member of staff to record the accident on your behalf.

2. Report the accident

If your injury was of a serious nature, your employer has a duty to report it to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This includes when a member of staff suffers: an amputation, a broken arm, leg or ribs and blindness. It also covers incidents in which an employer fell unconscious, needed resuscitation, was admitted to hospital for 24 hours or was prevented from working for seven days. It is prudent to check whether or not your employer has reported such an accident to the HSE and, if not, ask them to do so.

3. Contact a work accident solicitor

Lastly, you should contact a work accident solicitor about your injuries. This is because your employer has a legal obligation to protect your health, safety and welfare while at work. Therefore if you have suffered an accident in the workplace, it may well have occurred because your employer failed to meet his or her legal duties. A solicitor who specialises in work accident claims will be able to clarify if is the case, using their professional knowledge to advise whether you are in fact the victim of personal injury. If so, you will be entitled to make a claim.

Claiming compensation for work injuries

If your claim against your employer is successful, you will be awarded compensation for the damage you have been caused. This covers your pain and suffering, as well as the acute financial loss you have incurred. This will help put you back in the financial position you were in before the accident happened, and will also provide some sort of recompense for the injuries you have wrongfully endured.

If you would like to discuss making a claim for a work accident, contact us today and speak to one of our legal experts.

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