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Trip Accident at Work

In August 2008, Jacqui arrived at the office she had worked in for the past twenty years. As always she punched in the code, opened the door and reached for the light-switch. Before she could do so, however, she stumbled into a misplaced object and fell over, causing serious injury.

Jacqui had been employed as a clerical officer in her local hospital for twenty years. Her workspace, which was in the Pathology Department, consisted of a small office with no outside window. As there was no fresh air and the air conditioning unit did not work, the office was supplied with an electric fan. Recognising it as a trip hazard, Jacqui and her colleague (who worked alternate days) would always put the fan in the corner of the room before leaving.

On the morning of 8th August, Jacqui arrived at the office as usual at 7.15am. She typed the code into the security pad, pushed open the door and took a couple of steps into the office. Due to the absence of a window, the room would remain in total darkness until the light was switched on. Before Jacqui could reach the switch, however, she suddenly tumbled to floor, hitting the typist chair on the way. She got up and turned on the light, only to discover the fan was in the middle of the room, even though she had tucked it safely away the previous evening.

Jacqui had fallen heavily on her shoulder which was extremely painful, so she walked round to the Accident & Emergency Department. She was sent for an X-ray on her left arm and shoulder, which confirmed she had fractured her left upper humerus. Due to the location of the fracture it was not appropriate for a cast to be put on, so instead Jacqui was simply given painkillers and driven home.

She was unable to return to work for the next 15 weeks. During this period she was incapable of driving, could not dress herself, and was unable to enjoy her hobbies of bowls and swimming. Jacqui's husband had to complete all the household chores himself, and was forced to take time off work to drive her to medical appointments.

It took around a year for Jacqui to fully recover from her accident, and for a long time she suffered from an aching arm with restricted movement. Furthermore, she would often feel very emotional about her injury, as she knew the fan had not been left in the middle of the office when she had left the previous day. Someone else had positioned it there and failed to return it to its place of storage, making them responsible for the pain she had suffered.

After discussing her case with Glynns, Jacqui felt confident her employer's negligence had lead to her trip accident. She asked us to help her make a personal injury claim, which was settled for £26,000.

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