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Whether you are an employee or a customer, shop keepers owe you a duty of care while you are on their premises. This means reasonable steps should be taken to protect your health, safety and well-being. Common examples of this can include ensuring shelves are safely stacked and slippery floors are adequately signposted. If there is a failure to meet this duty of care and you suffer an injury, you will be in a position to claim compensation for your accident.

Shop related accidents

We have over 25 years' experience in dealing with personal injury claims. During that time we have unfortunately acted for many clients who have sustained an injury in a shop through no fault of their own. Rather, the accident occurred because the shop keeper failed to provide a safe environment. Often this will arise because:-

  • A spillage has not been cleaned and/or there are no warning signs;
  • A floor has recently been mopped and there are no warning signs;
  • An object falls from a poorly stacked shelf;
  • An uneven floor (in the shop or car park) causes a trip;
  • An object left in the aisle causes a trip.

What to do after a shop accident

If you have been involved in a shop accident, you should take the following steps:-

  1. Make sure the accident is recorded in the shop's accident book;
  2. Take the name and contact details of any witnesses to the accident;
  3. Attend your GP or nearest A&E department for medical assistance;
  4. Take a note of the circumstances of your accident, your symptoms and your injury-related expenses (such as medication or treatment);
  5. Contact a solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims to discuss the possibility of making a claim.

Claiming for a shop accident

If possible, you should not delay in contacting a solicitor for advice. This is because personal injury claims must normally be settled within three years of the accident, so it is best not to defer, or you may find it is too late.

A legal expert will listen to the details of your accident and subsequent injuries before suggesting whether or not you are able to pursue compensation for your shop accident. This will depend upon whether the shopkeeper did indeed fail to meet his or her duty of care towards you. If this can be established for example, because there were no warning signs to indicate a slippery floor then the shopkeeper will be found responsible for your injuries. This means you will be entitled to make a personal injury claim which, if successful, will result in you being awarded compensation for the damages you have incurred.

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