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Motorcyclist Accident Claim

£500,000 for motorcyclist

We acted for a motorcyclist in respect of his claim for damages for personal injuries and consequential losses incurred as a result of a road traffic collision.

Our client, a man in his thirties, was returning home from work on his motorcycle. He had just entered a shallow left bend on the crest of a hill. Beyond the crest the road had a slight downhill gradient and the road continued to bend to the left.

As our client exited the left-hand bend at the crest of the hill, he saw a vehicle which was stationary in a field entrance on the near side of the road. As our client continued to approach the vehicle it pulled across his path with the intention of turning right onto the road and a collision occurred.

The Defendant (the driver of the other vehicle) completely denied wrongdoing and said, amongst other things, that our client had been travelling too fast and had been on the wrong side of the road. There were no independent witnesses to the accident. In short there were substantial hurdles to overcome before there was any chance of achieving a successful outcome.

We managed to identify and locate several witnesses who arrived on the scene shortly after the collision but whose details were not known to the police at the time. The evidence of these witnesses proved crucial and turned liability in our client's favour.

Our client was badly injured as a result of the collision, sustaining a severe brachial plexus injury to the right arm as well as injuries to the dominant right shoulder, fractures to the spine and left wrist and a significant head/brain injury. Medical evidence in support of the claim was obtained from experts in several areas of medicine including orthopaedic; neurology; psychiatry and neuropsychology.

The claim was both high value and complex and was settled shortly before trial for a sum in excess of £500,000.00.

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