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Physiotherapist Negligence
Misdiagnosis by physiotherapist

Misdiagnosis by physiotherapist

When Katie began to experience a pain in her right foot, she went to see her GP. She was referred to a physiotherapist for further consultation.

While studying for her degree, Katie started to experience a pain under the toes of her right foot. The pain was persistent for three months and she went to see her GP. It was thought she may have a condition called Mortons Neuroma, but she was referred to a physiotherapist for a second opinion.

The physiotherapist examined Katie's foot and confirmed the GP's diagnosis of Mortons Neuroma. He did not carry out any tests, but simply gave Katie half inner soles to wear in her shoes. This, however, did nothing to improve the pain and she returned to the physiotherapist one month later.

This time Katie was advised she would need a cortisone injection to get rid of the pain. An injection into the top of her right foot was carried out the next month, but only managed to alleviate the pain for a week. She returned to the physiotherapist once again, and was referred to a podiatry clinic.

Katie had to wait some six months for an appointment, during which she remained in a significant amount of pain with no treatment or medication. Her condition was further compounded by the effects of the cortisone injection, which caused her foot to lose some fat around the third and fourth toes. The fat loss continued to get worse, while the skin would occasionally turn purple in colour and was very sensitive to temperature.

When Katie finally attended the podiatry clinic, a surgeon examined her foot and told her that she did not have Mortons Neuroma. He said that in actual fact she had a nerve trapped in her foot, which had been caused by her having flat feet and wearing unsupportive shoes. The surgeon advised Katie to start wearing a different style of shoe, which over time would improve the sensation in her foot.

The surgeon at the podiatry clinic was shocked that the physiotherapist had made a diagnosis of Mortons Neuroma, which can only be confirmed with the use of a scan something which was not carried out. Katie was also told that it was unusual for a physiotherapist to give an injection, the effects of which continue to have a negative impact on her life.

Katie remains self-conscious about the loss of fat on her right foot, which looks significantly smaller than her left. She will no longer wear certain types of shoe due to her embarrassment, and also continues to suffer from temperature sensitivity and skin discoloration.

Katie contacted Glynns, and we helped her to file a claim against the physiotherapist who wrongly diagnosed her with Mortons Neuroma, and thus gave inappropriate treatment of a cortisone injection. The claim was settled outside of court for £5,000.

(Details which might identify our client have been changed.)

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